About GMIS Utah

The GMIS-Utah Chapter is leading the effort in Utah in cross-boundary coordination where cities, counties and the state work together to provide services which either are not now available, or to provide them more efficiently. Greater cooperation between cities and the state in providing services is just one of the activities being facilitated by GMIS.

Mission Statement

The mission of Utah GMIS is to provide an organizational structure and network with associated activities, which may be used by all Utah State, County, and Local government agencies and educational institutions which are members in order to help them in their information and automation endeavors and with associated projects and problems.


The purpose of GMIS is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and techniques; to foster enhancement in hardware, software and communication developments as they relate to government activities.

The New GMIS Utah

GMIS Utah is reinventing itself and will roll out changes in November, 2007. Those changes include:

1. New Meeting Format

Monthly Meetings

  • Roundtable discussion of themes/issues defined by Government Information Technology Leadership (GITL) council. Depending on the topic of the meeting, there may be two tracks at a given meeting, a management track and a technical track.
  • Discussions led by a volunteer GMIS participant – that person will define the discussion points and lead the discussion.
  • The venue for the meetings may change each month or we may decide to keep it in the same venue every month.
  • Vendor members may attend the meeting but will not present or make comments unless specifically asked by the discussion leader.
  • Conference call option for those in remote areas who cannot travel in for the meeting.
  • Meetings will be held the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 am. The first hour will be a roundtable discussion followed by 30 minutes of discussion in breakout groups on day-to-day operational themes or other topics requested by the membership. There may be multiple operational themes discussed at a given meeting. Please send requests for operational themes to joletolsen@utah.gov.

Follow-up Meetings

Additional meetings such as lunch & learns, vendor presentations, etc. may be scheduled at any other time and will be coordinated by the discussion leader or by others interested in scheduling the event.

2. Vendor Participation

Vendors will be able to participate in GMIS by becoming vendor members. There will be different levels of membership which would offer some combination of the following types of benefits:

  • Opportunity to attend monthly GMIS roundtable discussions (multiple vendors can attend each meeting).
  • Opportunity to present best practices, strategies, and solutions in follow-up meetings.
  • Access to the GMIS Utah member/participant list.
  • Exhibit space at the GMIS symposium.
  • Option to provide literature in attendee packet at the symposium.
  • Sponsor logo on GMIS Utah web site.

The details of vendor membership will be further defined in the coming weeks.

3. GMIS Utah Initiatives

  • GMIS Utah Online Discussions – GMIS Utah will launch its own listserv to enable increased cross-boundary communications on IT topics on a day-to-
  • day basis.
  • Vendor Report Card – GMIS Utah members can rate the vendors they have worked with and share this information with others.
  • Web Casting / GMIS Utah Satellites – GMIS Utah will investigate web cast solutions so that satellite groups or individuals can participate in GMIS Utah meetings remotely.

For information, questions, suggestions about the new GMIS Utah, please contact Jolet Olsen, GMIS Utah President, 801.538.3187.

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